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Careers at KaMin & CADAM

Working for KaMin, a globally recognized company, allows you to broaden your horizon and take advantage of the opportunity to become part of a world-wide community.

Not only that, but by joining our staff, you become part of a tradition of excellence that has lasted over 80 years. Please read about our career opportunities below and see how you would benefit from employment with KaMin.

Professional Careers

KaMin offers a broad spectrum of career opportunities in a variety of job functions, including—but not limited to— accounting, administration, customer service, engineering, geology, human resources, logistics, plant manufacturing, research and development, and sales. If you qualify for an open position, email us at employment@kaminllc.com.

Opportunities for Students

Co-op Program

This program enables students to arrange a partnership between KaMin and the college or university they attend in order to create a unique learning opportunity. Students will work a full-time schedule while receiving class credit for their efforts. Schools such as Auburn, Georgia Southern, and even Georgia Tech allow students to participate in this program to engage in a global company and ultimately increase their desirability in the workforce.


Students who attend a college or university that does not offer a co-op program can apply for KaMin’s internship program. This part time position exposes students to all of the same opportunities of the Co-op program, but with more flexibility based on the student’s schedule.

Plant Positions

If you are looking for a position that provides training and development as well as the opportunity to learn about various global companies, KaMin is a great place to start.

Our locally produced kaolin is shipped all over the world, allowing you to gain some insight into the workings of a global market. KaMin is also dedicated to the health and safety of our employees by creating a safe workplace to make sure you're "going home in the same shape you KaM-in." And, of course, by nurturing a positive atmosphere through a team-oriented work environment, KaMin empowers employees to excel in their individual roles while connecting with other people. If you are interested in joining our team, please check out our openings below.

Career Opportunities

Utility Bagger/Driver - Wrens, GA

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